Alchemy Cut Throat Ear Wrap - Gemwaith
Alchemy Cut Throat Ear Wrap - Gemwaith
$59.00 AUD

Alchemy Cut Throat Ear Wrap

What sound does a razor make? None, it is silent as the grave. The finesse and graceful lines of this Cut Throat Ear Wrap Earring belies its deadly potential, but have no fear, as it will only cut you a stunning new style when worn. A fine accent to the gothic inclined, this singular earring is made from fine pewter with a silver-hued blade and a bronze handle. Scrollwork adorns the blade, as do a series of Swarovski crystals, white near the grip and blood-red near the tip of the blade. It is worn via a post-stud and a folding, chained design that wraps the ear. The Cut Throat Razor Wrap Earring comes close to dripping precious rubies, and is certainly a friend to any with great gothic style.

Key Features:
Made from fine English pewter
A single ear-wrap style earring accent
Depicts a straight razor with red and white Swarovski accents
Crafted in England
Worn via a stud-post and a wrap-around chain
Richly gothic and a great all-around casual accent or gift

Width 1.81" 
Height 2.87" 
Depth 0.55"