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Pietersite Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Ring - size 7

Natural Pietersite 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Artisan Ring.

This enthralling Pietersite cabochon ring features a teardrop Pietersite in a classic bezel with a shank setting. 

Intensely smooth Natural Pietersite stone takes center stage. Natural, unique-coloured stone is a consistent, brilliant variety of shades. The perfect way to add a pop of bold colour to your outfit! The natural stone is placed into a 925 sterling silver encasing. 


Gemstone(s):  Pietersite

Size (U.S): 7

Total Weight:  approx. 4 grams (including gemstone & silver)

Setting Metal:  925 Solid Sterling Silver


About  Pietersite:

Pietersite is also known as the Tempest Stone. It works to activate and balance the Third-Eye and Solar-Plexus Chakras, and is known as the stone that holds "the keys to heaven".

Pietersite can protect one from bad weather conditions, especially while driving.

At home, it will calm nervous pets (and their owners) who are afraid of thunderstorms. Creative types will find more self-confidence in themselves and their abilities when wearing or carrying Pietersite for any length of time.

Pietersite can help one to find creative solutions to problems.