$26.99 AUD

Indigo Wyrmling and Egg Statue

This cute little dragon is about to break out of its egg!

The hatchling isn't quite ready to step out into the world, though, and peers out from within the shell. Indigo with golden accents, the baby drake will charm any heart!

The moment of birth can be a confusing time for many creatures, but the young, deep blue dragon peers out at the world from its egg with obvious curiosity.

Having cleared away most of the front of its egg, the precocious wyrmling begins to emerge from the wreckage of its shell.

Though dark blue scales cover most of its body, lighter yellow accents highlight the details of its form.

Dragon lovers can add a hint of fantasy to the decor of their homes by displaying this rare moment.

This Indigo baby dragon is made in cold-cast resin and then carefully painted for an authentic look.

Approximately 12 cm (4-1/2") tall


Please be aware that the colour, shape & size may differ slightly from the actual photo shown here.
Colours also may vary slightly due to the colour calibration of each individual monitor.
Any questions just ask, happy to help.