$46.95 AUD

Pink Tourmaline Rough & Peridot 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Handmade Raw Pink Tourmaline Rough and Peridot Ring with a crush bezel style setting in Sterling Silver. The crushed bezels hold the gems snugly in place and allow full visibility of the Raw Tourmaline and Peridot. The band is handcrafted in half round solid Sterling Silver.

Natural Raw Pink Tourmaline Rough and Peridot Gemstone Ring ◎ Hallmarked stamped 925 Sterling Silver on the inside of the ring band.. 
Pink Tourmaline may vary in color from pale pink to deep red, and in clarity from flawless transparent gems to opaque rough crystals, yet all are devoted to serving the highest aspects of the heart. A primary stone of the Heart Chakra, Pink Tourmaline links to the Crown Chakra infusing love and spirituality, encouraging compassion and gentleness during periods of growth and changes as humanity works toward enlightenment.
Peridot has been valued for thousands of years as a semi-precious healing stone. It is a high-vibrational Heart Chakra crystal that carries a positive energy, especially helpful for those undergoing traumatic emotional situations. It is the stone for Archangel Raphael and rules the realm of Angelic Virtues. Peridot has the ability to bring out unconditional love, happiness and light.

Gemstone(s): Genuine Rough Pink Tourmaline & Peridot 

Size (U.S): 9 

Total Weight: approx. 3.1 grams (including gemstone & silver)

Setting Metal: Genuine 925 Solid Sterling Silver 

Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted. Our pieces are made with solid 925 sterling silver and genuine gemstones.