Iolite 925 Sterling Silver Ring - Gemwaith
$29.99 AUD

Iolite 925 Sterling Silver Ring

This handcrafted ring holds two natural 4 x 8 mm faceted marquise Iolite pear.

Gemstones are bezel set.

Gemstone: - Iolite 
Metal: - 925 Solid Sterling Silver
Weight:- approx. 3.5 gm 
Ring Size: - 8 US
Stone Size:- approx. 4 mm x 8 mm 
Stone Shape: - Marquise
Stone Cut: - Faceted

Each piece has been stamped 925 on the inside of the ring band.

Healing Properties 

It is the Gemstone of Higher ideals, values, knowledge, realization and higher consciousness as it directly impacts the crown chakra. It is also a Gemstone that is used in Insomnia. It is a positive impact on the sleep cycle, biorhythm and improves the quality of rest and sleep.

Please be aware that the colour, shape & size may differ very slightly from the actual photo shown here.

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