Lotus Om Necklace Mandala Amulet Wiccan Pendant - Gemwaith
$15.99 AUD

Lotus Om Necklace Mandala Amulet Wiccan Pendant


In many spiritual traditions, the mandala is considered a symbol for wholeness. 
You can use the pendant as a focal point for meditation and introspection.

The lotus is born in muck and mire.  From sludgy, slimy waters, this brilliant blossom emerges.  Many take these humble beginnings as a profound metaphor for life.  We can choose to crawl, never lifting our heads up to the light.  Or, we can be like the lotus.  We can make the best of a lousy situation, and rise above.  Stretch out of our comfort zone, grow, and expand.  

In this many petaled flower charm, the lotus becomes a mandala - a visually appealing, symmetrical, geometric form that helps quiet chattering thoughts & nagging anxieties, appeasing the spirit.  From its center out to its rim, this lotus mandala's symmetry and beauty is exquisite.

Pendant Size: 35MM
Metals Type:  Alloy
Color: Antique Silver
Length: approx. 50 cm + 5 cm extender

Please be aware that the colour, shape & size may differ slightly from the actual photo shown here. 

Colours also may vary slightly due to the colour calibration of each individual monitor.

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