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Pentacle of the Goddess Star Rose Wiccan Pendant

Wiccan Religious Rose Pentacle of The Goddess Pendant Necklace Jewelry Gift for Men&Women.

Technically speaking, a pentacle is a disk-shaped slab with one or more magical symbols inscribed in it. Most commonly, and especially in Wicca, pentacles are inscribed with a pentagram—the upright five-pointed star—with a circle around it.

The five-pointed star is an ancient symbol, found in both Eastern and Western cultures, and has been used to represent various aspects of human and spiritual concerns. As an Earth-related symbol, it is associated in classic Tarot decks with abundance. Its use in Wicca comes from traditions of ceremonial magic. Each point is said to represent the elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, with the fifth element (Spirit) as the upward point. Its round shape and Earth associations make it sacred to the Goddess.

Metals Type:  Alloy
Pendants Type: Circle
Gender: Unisex
Color: Antique silver plated
size: approx. 30 mm x 34 mm


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