$49.99 AUD

Rainbow Moonstone & Opal - Crescent Moon - 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Handmade Crescent Moon 925 Sterling Silver Pendant.  

This one-of-a-kind piece you see here is the same exact piece you will receive. The silver used is 100% guaranteed 925 sterling silver, no substitutes. Each piece is hallmarked 925.


Gemstone(s): Rainbow Moonstone & Fire Opal
Total Long: approx. 2"
Total Weight: approx. 7.8 grams (including gemstone & silver)
Setting Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver


About Blue Fire Rainbow Moonstone:

Vibrations Heighten Psychic Gifts

Rainbow Moonstone intensifies your feminine 'Goddess' energy!

Moonstones have a highly spiritual nature, and you may benefit by putting this vibration to work in your life.

It is a stone that enhances your feelings and encourages fervent desires, eager expectation and heartfelt resolve.

It holds within it the deep seated nature of feminine energy.

This energy will help to balance the masculine-feminine vibrations within your body, and will nurture your spirit.

This beautiful crystal has a powerful vibration that may heighten psychic abilities, and aid you to embrace your gifts.

This is a wonderful crystal with a vibration that will assist women to recognise and embrace their innate personal power. These beautiful crystals reflect within them the magical healing qualities of the vibrations of the moon.

Within men, its energy may influence your brain, and aid you to become more emotionally balanced, as the right side of your brain is stimulated to become more creative.

About Opal:

Opal is a delicate stone with fine but vibrant energies. It’s a stone that will enhance your cosmic consciousness and strengthen your mystical and psychical visions.

It will inspire originality and boost creativity. It will get the creative juices flowing, and it will give you energy every time you need that extra boost.

The energies of this stone will also encourage you to express your true self. You will feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and this will radiate in your words, thoughts, and actions.

Colours may vary slightly due to the colour calibration of each individual monitor.