Rainbow Moonstone Triple Moon with Hidden Pentagram - Gemwaith
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Rainbow Moonstone Triple Moon with Hidden Pentagram

A wonderfully discreet Triple Moon "Goddess" symbol pendant set with a genuine Rainbow Moonstone gemstone that has a pentacle pentagram "hidden" on the reverse side! 

Genuine 10mm  round Rainbow Moonstone cabochon set into the center.

925 Sterling Silver Triple Moon Goddess Symbol Pendant measures approx. 2.5 cm long by 3 cm wide 

A lovely and very meaningful Moon Phases, Triple Moon, or Goddess Symbol pendant with a Pentacle Pentagram hidden behind the Rainbow Moonstone for your eyes only. 

The Magickal Crystal Lore of Moonstone..... 
Chakras: Third Eye & Crown 
Elements: Wind & Water 
Feminine in Nature 
Works well with: Agates, Malachite, Jade and all Blue stones 
Moonstone is the stone of the Full Moon and is associated with the Goddess Diana and all Lunar Deities. It was carried as protection by travelers and gifted to lovers to ensure that passion never faded. It enhances intuition and all magickal endeavors and helps bring projects to fruition. 

Highly recommended for use in all meditations and rituals of self-discovery, Moonstone reflects a persons own nature back to them, so they can better understand themselves. 

To charge a Moonstone, place it on the windowsill for the three nights of the Full Moon to cleanse, renew and recharge its 

Moonstone is to be carried and worn by women to connect to Goddess and Moon energies and to ease the trials and travails of PMS, childbirth, and menopausal hormonal changes. it stimulate the pineal gland and helps attune one to the balance of the natural rhythms of ones body and life.


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