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Selenite and Kyanite 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Natural Selenite and Kyanite 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
Handmade with a high quality genuine natural polished Selenite flat stone and a small polished Kyanite crystal in genuine 925 Sterling Silver. 
This is a fairly clear piece of Selenite, but it has slight imperfections.
Selenite is a soft stone and can start to dissolve if left sitting in water.
Gemstones: Selenite, Kyanite
Total Length: approx. 5.7 cm (2 1/4 inches)
Total Weight: approx. 4.7 grams (includes gemstones and silver)
Setting Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Selenite is especially helpful resolving indecision, understanding freedom, finding laughter during dark times, overcoming depression and discerning people and situations for what they really are.

Selenite attracts light like crazy. It is magnetic and enhances magnetism of all that is good and light within its owner. This includes prosperity and favors. It also builds or rebuilds an excellent reputation and/or credit rating.

Expose your selenite jewelry to sunlight for ten minutes or so every so often. Even better, expose it to sunlight through blue film. Keep it on a piece of quartz when you don't wear it.

Do not get Selenite stone wet, which includes cologne/perfume.
Blue Kyanite attracts opportunities for love, marriage, recognition, help from superiors, and all of the resources needed for the fulfillment of your heart's desires.

Excellent stone to hold or focus on for the purposes of meditation, guided visualization, hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

Please be aware that the colour, shape & size may differ slightly from the actual photo shown here.

Colours also may vary slightly due to the colour calibration of each individual monitor. 

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