Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet - Gemwaith
$14.99 AUD

Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet

 8 mm Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet gemstone beads on a very strong stretch cord, allowing for easy on/off fitment over the hand

Each bracelet's stones are unique and may vary slightly in size, weight and color. 

Size Bracelet: approx. 5.2 cm inner diameter;
Size Bead: approx. 8 mm   
Bead Qty: 22 pcs/Strand


Tiger Eye:

Tiger Eye is a stone of protection and enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. Tiger Eye is a popular yet inexpensive gemstone. It is formed when the Quartz takes over and dissolves the Crocidolite, leaving the Quartz in a finely fibrous and chatoyant form. 

Wear this Tiger Eye bracelet to bring good luck, protection, clear thinking and insight.


Please be aware that the colour, shape & size may differ slightly from the actual photo shown here.
Colours also may vary slightly due to the colour calibration of each individual monitor.
Any questions just ask, happy to help.