We've created this Basic Jewellery Care Guide to guide through the proper care for your jewellery. We hope that you'll find these guidelines helpful and if you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us via email.



Because silver is inclined to tarnish, it is important to be aware of the means available to clean it. Products such as “silver dip” are available that will remove most tarnish simply by dipping the article and rinsing it. Although very effective these should never be used on a plated product as they may well cause damage to the finish. Articles treated in this manner should be thoroughly rinsed in clean water, then dried, and finally given a polish with an impregnated polishing cloth. The impregnated polish cloths and mitts available are an excellent means of keeping silver jewellery clean and polished. Many of these also leave a deposit on the surface, which assists in delaying further tarnish.



Care should be taken not to allow steam from kettles, baths or showers to get into the watches as this can cause condensation and water to get side the mechanism. Watches should be kept in dust free places - dust can collect around the winder and cause the mechanisms to become clogged. Gold plate on bands can wear of more quickly due to high skin acidity or perfume. Leather bands can deteriorated by getting water on the band (whilst washing hands etc). The band can wear or crack because of this. Please exercise due caution when wearing a leather-banded watch.