Ruby is distinguished by its beautiful red colour, being the most famed and fabled gemstone. Besides its bright colour, it is one of the most desirable gem stones due to its symbolic meaning as the stone of passion. Rubies are said to symbolise love, passion, warmth and a strong sense of vitality making them a very popular choice of gift. They are also the birthstone of July and a symbol for 40th wedding anniversaries.

From the 1300’s to the 1600’s, physicians believed strongly in the power of Ruby to preserve the wearer’s physical and mental health. In the past, Ruby has been believed to banish sadness, dispel nightmares and protect its wearer from plagues. These beliefs still hold true for some around the world today! Middle Eastern physicians will often prescribe a preparation of finely ground ruby for some ailments.

The colour of Rubies range from bright red to dark reddish-brown. The most valuable Rubies with the finest natural colour are mined in the Mogok region of Burma. These rarely exceed several carats and are of exceptional value. The majority Rubies in today’s market are sourced from Madagascar, Africa. It is common practice to heat treat and enhance Rubies to improve the colour as well as reduce visibility of inclusions.