A diamond’s colour is one of the important factors in determining its value. Each diamond is graded using a scale created by one of the leading gemological industry organizations. The nearer a diamond is to being absolutely colourless, the more valuable it will be. Most diamonds used in jewellery will appear to be white or colourless but very few are totally colourless, the majority of stones possess some form of colour. The graduations in colour are so subtle that the only way to pinpoint a diamond’s true colour is to place it next to another diamond that has been previously graded.

While white diamonds are valued for their lack of colour, other diamonds are valued for their depth of colour. These diamonds will have a strong distinct colour such as yellow, brown, green, blue or pink. Coloured diamonds are known as ‘fancies’. 



Coloured diamonds are the world’s most rare, expensive and highly sought-after diamonds. These diamonds reflect a beautiful spectrum of uniquely Australian colours. Champagne and cognac diamonds are predominantly mined in Western Australia. They come from the world’s most prestigious diamond producing mine and the beautiful hues of these diamonds perfectly reflect the landscape in which they were born. 



Yellow diamonds are rare, beautiful and sought-after. What makes a yellow diamond different from your traditional white diamond is the amount of nitrogen present. The higher concentration of nitrogen present in the formation period of the diamond, the deeper the yellow colouring. The sunshine yellow brilliance and scintillation of yellow diamonds is only intensified when they are set alongside fine white diamonds.

Traditionally, diamonds are symbolic of love and commitment, but a yellow stone has quite a deeper meaning. Yellow colours are often associated with sunlight and happiness, as well as joy and prosperity. In Imperial China, yellow was only ever worn by royalty due to the sheer cost of producing yellow silk. In modern China, the yellow diamond is growing every popular because of its rarity and is now considered a symbol of wealth and status.