Here are some guidelines that will be helpful when selecting pearl jewellery:

Pearl Lustre

Lustre is the sharpness and intensity of reflections on the pearl's surface. This is the most important feature of a pearl. Look at the reflection of images on the pearl's surface. The closer to a mirror image you see, the better the lustre. Pearls with fine lustre also seem to glow warmly from within

Pearl Size

The size of the pearls used in any piece of jewellery is important for both aesthetic and financial reasons. The larger the pearl the greater the cost, so balance the size of the pearl with the expected cost

Pearl Similarity

When searching for pearl jewellery, look at how well matched the pearls are when combined in one piece of jewellery. With many subtleties in colour, shape and finish, even a slight difference can create an unbalanced look. Look for pearls that are similar in shape, size and colour but keep in mind that those more closely matched will be more expensive