Steampunk Giftware

You can surround yourself with fantastic steampunk style using the assortment of steampunk collectibles and decor that we carry here at Gemwaith! Our steampunk home decor includes pieces like steampunk candle holders, steampunk end tables, steampunk wall clocks, steampunk book ends, steampunk coasters, steampunk holiday ornaments, steampunk plaques, and more. Other Neo-Victorian collectibles branch out into steampunk trinket boxes, steampunk skull heads, steampunk gun statues, steampunk fairy figurines, steampunk sand timers, steampunk incense burners, and steampunk desk accents. Often decorated with gears and sprockets, our Neo-Victorian decor and collectibles embrace anachronisms and sci-fi technologies, giving your home or office a distinctive look. So if wearing steampunk fashions is not enough, visit Gemwaith for all of the other steampunk knick-knacks you desire!

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